Creative Builders, LLC’s T-E-A-M approach, allows us to bring a high performing team of experiences professionals to each project approach- a team that can analyze, manage and appraise each project to the optimum satisfaction of our clients.  Our team brings to each project:


  The skills of seasoned professionals, working together to provide a diversity to manage your project and provide functional construction techniques and designs.


  Systematic construction methodologies that mesh the skills of Architects, Engineers and Tradesman, for lower project cost and exceptional results.


  A genuine concern for the understanding and satisfaction of each client’s unique needs.


  Exceptional quality control measures that help ensure service excellence, the meeting of budgets and schedules, and a quality end result.




Effective Construction Management: A key to Quality


Every client seeks to obtain the most economical facility, constructed of the best quality money can but.  Creative Builders, LLC, uses effective construction management techniques as the key to accomplishing these important goals.  Our seasoned Construction Managers have vast experience in all facets of construction techniques and methodologies, and stay abreast to new trends that can streamline the construction process.  Through coordination and synergy, our designers, engineers, tradesmen, mechanics and most importantly, our clients needs are translated into quality, reliability and satisfaction.  Additionally, we offer “as built” records that enable the opportunity for future additions, renovations and optimized facility maintenance.


Computer Aided Design & Project Management/Scheduling


Creative Builders, LLC is equipped with state-of-the-art computer equipment, including sophisticated computer aided design and drafting (CAD) systems for production of original architectural and engineering project drawings.  Further, we embrace technology to assure accurate project control, environmental studies, cost estimating, document management and accounting.  Additionally, our project management efforts embrace the latest technology to ensure accurate project control, environmental studies, cost estimating, project scheduling, document management, and accounting.


Quality Assurance


Creative Builders, LLC takes great pride and effort to ensure that each project meets and maintains the highest quality and stringent controls through our quality control and quality assurance initiatives.  All our projects exemplify top quality in workmanship and materials, as a result of our strict monitoring and adherence to details, including coordination, inspection ,workmanship and architectural design.  Our quality assurance efforts follow stringent guidelines in safely enforcement, budget goals, and inspection to ensure quality and the proper function of the design intent.


By matching the right person to the right job, we assure your project is carried out by focused, superior performers that take pride in bring you the results you deserve - on time, on budget, - every time.

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