Creative Builders, LLC provides accurate, confidential, and professional estimates for all construction divisions, in order to assist contractors in achieving competitive and successful bids within the specified bid period. Our staff of seasoned estimators has extensive estimating and project management experience in commercial, residential, industrial, federal, state and local government projects.


Creative Builders has compiled a database of the individual cost elements for each construction division, based on the regional and national material, labor and equipment costs. Our cost database is constantly updated to reflect the actual and current cost of each item, utilizing our client input and their historical and actual material, labor and equipment costs and productivity factors. This allows us to provide timely, accurate and competitive bids.


"An estimator should not be judged by the number of winning bids, but by the number of estimates that achieved a successful and profitable project."


Our estimators work closely with each client to review and identify critical cost elements in the addendums, specifications, pre-bid documents, and contract drawings, and to identify the scope of work for the client. Each estimate utilizes the latest unit costs for a particular region and division, and is tailored to suit the needs of our clients based on their scope of work.


Our estimates allow our clients to make informed decisions and assessments of the on-site material, labor and equipment requirements, productivity targets, and procurement costs. Our estimates enable our clients to save money and time and increase the success rate of a winning bid. Our cost estimates are designed to develop project schedules and to determine resource allocation, contingencies, budget and cost loading. 



After a successful bid, our estimators and project managers can assist a client in the buy-out process, project scheduling, procurement, resource allocation, change orders, and claims based on our estimate. At the end of the project, we can review and compare our estimates to the actual cost and productivity of the project, and utilize this data to update and reflect the changes and actual cost factors, thereby ensuring a consistent and accurate  estimate for future bids.




·        Quick and timely take-offs for submittal of bids

·        Competitive and credible bids

·        Easier Bid process for clients

·        Professional Reports

·        Informed decisions regarding budget, resource allocation, and schedule

·        Manage costs, estimates and budget

·        Detailed cost breakdown of material, labor, and equipment

·        Prevent cost overruns, missed deadlines, and performance shortfalls

·        Material and Labor Analysis

·        Performance baseline and measurement

·        Contract Buy-outs

·        Material Procurement

·        Manpower Loading

·        Project Scheduling Interface

·        Productivity Analysis

·        Quick overview of required labor, material, and equipment for field personnel

·        Planning and scheduling of office and field activities

·        General Conditions overview and analysis

·        Saves Time and Money

·        Manage projects with fewer headaches


A cost estimate is the summation of individual cost elements, using established methods and valid data, to estimate the future costs, based on what is known today. The management of a cost estimate involves continually updating the estimate with actual data as they become available, revising the estimate to reflect changes, and analyzing differences between estimated and actual costs.

“The ability to generate uniform cost estimating practices and procedures is the basis for producing accurate, credible and comparative cost estimates.”

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